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Friday, 8th May 2015

  Page from a manuscript from Al-Andalus, 12 cent. Sura 15 : Al-Hijr. The thicker strokes in the center of the page are in the Kufic style of calligraphy.

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How to calm down the mind?

To find the rhythm of the breath means to be in the moment. The moment is the gateway to the world of the soul. The mind is the surface and will always have waves. It is enough already...


Donkey dream

One day, Nasrudin went to the local doctor and told him, “Every night for the past month and a half, I have dreamt dreams in which I have wrestling matches with donkeys.” The doctor...

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Across the river

Two travelling dervishes reached a river where they met a young woman. Wary of the current, she asked if they could carry her across. One of the dervish hesitated, but the other quickly picked...

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It is not important to have a title, to be this or that; Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Brahamism, Confuzism… You can have any of these titles and still not be a blessed servant. Blessed...