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Argentina Tour: January-February 2014

An incredible and unexpected band of brothers playing the most incredible instruments like a saw tuned with a screw driver (!!) accompanied Shaykh Burhanuddin in a very successful concert in Buenos Aires this winter....

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In Brescia Shaykh Burhanuddin shared with us the urge to have a real band with drums or other instruments besides singing of course. Who is intereset in joying our DERVISH ORCHESTRA is most welcome!...

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The dervish and the full moon

In the Sufi tradition it is possible and advisable to fast during the three days of full moon (the day before, the day and the day after). The big daily fasting is happening though...

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Why do we sing?

Why now you like to make us singing, Shaykh Burhanuddin? Because now everyone think and think too much while they should sing and sing. Singing is a way to purify ourselves from all the...


Brescia, 15 March 2014: Welcome back

Shaykh Burhanuddin is back! After almost three months of fasting from his presence, he has been with us for a full shining day in Brescia this Saturday! In great shape and radiant, singing the most...