18th October: ZOOM UWAYSI SYSTEM, 1st Meeting

U W A Y S I   S Y S T E M

introduced by Sheikh Burhanuddin

– First Meeting –
Sunday 18 October
12.00 pm – 14.00 (CET)

– Second Meeting –
Saturday 21 November
12.00 pm – 14.00 (CET)

*You are welcome to attend the Second Meeting
only if you have attended the First Meeting* 

The Uwaysi System
prescribes to work in a group
that meets every 20 days. 

Few groups are already working in presence
around the world since many years. 

However, due to the many requests
Sheikh Burhanuddin
is receiving 
from single persons
living in many different countries,
he decided to open the possibility to all
to work in the Uwaysi System
via Zoom,
meeting every 40 days.

*** These Meetings are only for
the ones who are not yet
in a working group
and would like to start
the Uwaysi Work new.

*** If you like to book your seat
(seats are limited) 
please send to:

– Your full name

– City

– Country

– Spoken languages

– Your ideal time for the fixed Meetings
(if the appointed time is impossible for you, due to time zone).

***You will receive a confirmation email
with all the details.

*** The language used in the Meetings
will be only English.

(For Italian, Spanish and German people
not speaking English,
we have local working groups
in Europe) 



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