The 11 Principles of the Naqshbandi Order (9)

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9) The awareness of time (wuquf Zamani)

It means “being present, attentive to the changing of your own mental states over time”. This principle expresses the power of being.

From this state you can travel through time or out of it, fold it and unfold it to your liking.

It should be understood that the time does not really exist, it is nothing more than a creation of man. The time is always in connection with a movement and therefore with the space. Space and time can be manipulated.

The state of awareness of time and space, within and without, allows to access to the assembly of the masters where tasks and responsibilities are assigned to the souls.

Ya’qub al-Charki said that his shaikh, Ala’uddin al-Attar said,
• “In the state of depression you must recite istighfar (asking forgiveness) excessively, and in the state of elation, praise of Allah excessively.” And he said, “To take into consideration these two states, contraction and expansion, is the meaning of wuquf zamani.”
Shah Bahauddin Naqshband (q) explained that state by saying, “You have to be aware of yourself. If you were following the Way then you have to thank Allah, or else you must ask forgiveness.”
What is important for the seeker in this state is to keep secure the smallest period period of time. He has to stand guard on his self and judge if he was in the Presence of Allah or if he was in the presence of his ego, at every moment of his life.
Shah Naqshband (q) said, “You have to evaluate how you spend every moment: with Presence or in Negligence.”