The Method

🔳 I N T R O D U C T I O N  🔳

“There is no religion, no belief, greater than Life.”  In these simple words, Sheikh Burhanuddin encloses his teaching method.

There is only one Source, from where we come and to where we return. The realization of this truth puts us in the correct position and reveals the possibility to live a magic life. It is up to each one of us to use our life in a heedless forgetful state, or in remembrance, but to remember an effort is required. That’s why the Way is called the Work. The first Work is to know ourselves; to see the hindrance of our mechanical personality, the sequel of the idealized images we create of ourselves. Only then we are able to liberate the colorful naked
and unique beauty of our Real Self. This is freedom, this is the way up, back to the Source.

Know Your Real Self and Become Free
– A Life-changing Process –

“The whole universe is summed up in the Human Being.
The Devil is not a monster waiting to trap us, He is a voice inside.
Look for Your Devil in Yourself, not in Others.
Don’t forget that the one who knows his Devil, knows his God.”
-Shams Tabriz-

🔳 T H E   U W A Y S I    S Y S T E M 🔳

We are the sons of our times. A self-realization system, to be effective, has to be adapted to the current age, its needs, and its characteristics.
The final gift that Sheikh Burhanuddin received from his Master has been exactly this: a solid awakening method that brings tangible results in nowadays circumstances to everyone, with no conditions, and with no belief requirements.

In Reality, there is only one religion: Love. What counts is not your belief, but how much love you emanate in your life.

The core of the principles of the Uwaysi System has been discovered and applied by the Sufi people, who have been the searchers and lovers of truth, crossing different ages, peoples, and religions. Nowadays the same principles have been rediscovered and confirmed by the latest achievements of quantic science, the most updated psychological research, and by a number of evolved persons around the globe that are working in the same direction.

The preciousness of Sufism is in favoring the experience to be lived, compared to the doctrine to believe in. Truth cannot be taught or believed in, it can be only lived. You have to discover your own truth by yourself and you follow it, even if it is against your ego, as it mostly is.

Your experiences are your truth. The experience is of the highest value because once you have the taste, you see the truth with your own eyes, and you no longer need to believe. When you see, you know. That enables you to act. This is the beginning of the transformation. This is what the Uwaysi System is inviting you to do. The real work has to start from within.

You will want to discover your true power, your true mission, which is only one and common to all: to know your real self in order to become free.

You can fall thousand times, thousand times you may break your promises and your intentions, but Existence will never give up on you, it will never abandon you. Its obstinacy in supporting you must be your safety net. The Uwaysi System instead of promising you to gain immediate powers, mind control, and success in life, focuses just to strip you naked. After pulling away veil after veil of your illusory self, the roles and images you have built up to present yourself in the world will finally make you face your real self. Then it will guide you beyond that, where there is no more you, only the Source of Real power Is.

The Method invites you first to take your life back into your hands in energetic terms. As a consequence, you learn to lower the urging voice of the ‘drama’ -what most people call “their lives”-, and to listen instead to the voice of your Real Self and its real needs.

One key point of the Method is happiness. Happiness is a light that enlightens you and enables you to see Reality. So part of the Work will be training for happiness, through meditation, singing, and creativity. Happiness awakes back your true intelligence, which is the intelligence of the heart. The mind has no power; the real power is in your Being. It is your heart that triggers the reality around you. And it is a unique reality, for each one of us.

We need happy people now. Because only those who are happy are bearers of Love, Joy, and Peace. An unhappy person brings only troubles because he or she cannot see. When you start to apply the System, you are open to a different dimension, full of lights and a power that you cannot even imagine now. You will become a center, and the world will respond. The happier you are, the weaker your ego becomes.

This is the Work, the offer is so majestic, it is freedom.


In the Uwaysi System you will be guided through an awakening process following a few concrete steps:

1. The Call.
2. The Self-observation work: an individual and a group work, monitored and guided by direct instructions and feedback from Sheikh Burhanuddin and Hajjah Hamida.
3. Behind the mirror of images and roles.
4. Shifting from the ‘multiplayer mode’ to the ‘single-player mode’.
5. Transforming the energy of the emotions, to get your real power back.
6. Training happiness and creativity.
7. Meditation and chanting.
8. Sacred journeys.
9. Sufi Enneagram.

This is the basic and the beginning, there is knowledge upon knowledge and once the basis is solid you can proceed towards the following thresholds to be crossed.

The Method works through a transmission, from presence to presence. It is an initiatory work. To be given all at once at the beginning cannot work and it can be dangerous. Each conquest, every single truth you reach, will be your jumping board to the next level.

You own a higher intellect, but to activate it, you first must be connected with your energy level, otherwise, it will not work for you, but against you. When the energy system is dominant, your ‘drama’ – your overemotional life – subsides into the background and draws less attention and energy, simply because now you have found and tasted something better. You will love to be in connection with yourself, and to see your true energy and your powers unfolding, level after level. Then your spiritual life will open. You will begin to truly live, because you will not give any more permission to your ego, -immersed in your ‘drama’, to sabotage your life any longer.

You’ll find out that in a short time you want to take a rest from the burden of your judgments, doubts, suspicions, complaints, and roles and self-observation is the main tool to succeed in that. As Rumi said: “The human being is a guest-house, every day there is an unexpected guest, a joy, a sadness, a sorrow. Welcome them all at best, even if they sweep away your home. Maybe they are opening to you the way for a new delight. Welcome them all with honors, and be grateful to whoever comes, because it was sent to you as a guide from the Invisible”.

Listening to your uninvited ‘guests’ is a golden invitation to go deeper into observing and therefore knowing yourself. Once you accept and agree that everything and that everyone is all right as they are, and on top of that, they have a message for you, you discover the magic in your life. Only if you do the work you will be able to see that.

Here is the real transformation: your life may still appear the same, but your eyes will be different. They will be able to see that everything that ‘happens’ to you, every event, every feeling, wanted or not wanted, pleasant or not pleasant, are all coming from the same and one Source. Now everything will have a meaning that you will be able to understand and use at the best for your own spiritual growth. From there a feeling of gratefulness naturally arises.

When you start to apply the method, the first evident side effect is that you become happier. Because you will have the certainty that you are never alone, you are all the time watched, cared and beloved. The self-observation work brings this magic. You will see that everything around you is arranged perfectly for you in order to reach success and your highest destination. Have trust and be happy about this truth. Your happiness is the revolution you are looking for.


The requirements to enter the Uwaysi System, are only two. The first one is to have a broken heart. Only then something can be given to you; as Rumi said: “The wound is the place where the light enters”. And secondly, to have the strong intention to know your Real Self, and to work hard for it. If you go through the process of Self-observation, -the key tool in the Work, you will become able to turn inside and walk in along the streams of your energies, that now you call emotions, only then, you can have a taste of yourself. Your daily life will be no more dominated by confusion, sorrow, and restlessness, clarity will prevail.

You will enter an open space, you will begin to live a Real-life, in Real Peace and in Real Love; a life that will be a blessing for yourself and for others. The journey you will be accompanied through is from the truth of the ego to the truth of your being, only the latter offers you a mirror in which you can reflect your Real Self at best. If you want to go high, first you have to become a worker and make your truth alive. You allow truth to enter your life because now it will have a space. Once you listen to the truth, it remains tattooed in your heart, you cannot forget it anymore, nor go back to your previous state. Then the sacrifice of your ‘drama’, your personal story you have built around your existence, will be nothing for you, when you will be able to see, you will see Yourself.

To look in truth means to agree with what you see. In the end, you will realize that there is only one truth, and the truth has nothing to do with the facts, it has to do with light, so you will see a certain light, that is the highest, and our final destination.

The Uwaysi System leads you to an area that is not possible to describe. The journey is towards the zero point, to the nothingness beyond the root of your emotions. The closer you go there, the less can be said, the Method guides you, and encourages you, in order to place you in the right position so you can finally walk alone.

You go to the therapist because you want to get rid of your problems. But this is not how it works. You cannot get rid of anything, you must get rid of yourself, without getting rid of your situation. Through the Work, you detach from what you see and you observe yourself in a neutral way. Then you reach a point where basically you become your own therapist.


Another key point of the Uwaysi System is the shifting from the ‘multi-player mode’ to the single-player mode’, through the self-observation work you will learn to see your real self. However, as long as you keep on seeing in others the cause of your happiness or unhappiness, and all your so-called problems as the result of this constant interaction, you will not progress. This is what we call the ‘multiplayer mode’, the others become the players in the game of life: accordingly to how they move, you move, and you react.

In this state, you do not have the energy left to evolve, because you are giving your power away, through the attention, the emotional reactions, and the judgments pouring all the time outside of you towards the other players. You are lost, dissolved, you think yourself into the life of others, in your outer circumstances, and you are concentrated only on your drama.

The Uwaysi System teaches you to stop reacting and start acting. Because now you can see what you need to see, you keep your energies inside, and you use them to act.
To look always and only to others, is a filter, a mask over your eyes that prevents you from seeing yourself and keeps you in the victim position. You may decide to remove the mask by declaring that you are the only player, then you will begin to see. In Method this is what we call the shifting from the ‘multi-player mode’ to the ‘single-player mode’, now you see yourself as the only cause of your suffering or happiness, there is no external cause, there is only you as the cause. This is a very important point to realize, it is also good news, because, from the same cause, the awakening may come.

In the multiplayer mode, it is guaranteed to be life-long in a slumbering state. In the configuration you usually are, you cannot really see the others hundred percent, and they cannot see you really; you can only see yourself reflected in them. You can only imagine, to project, you see what you want to see, you basically see what you are. The others trigger emotions that are already within you, they are not responsible for your emotions; they are just your helpers in the process of knowing yourself. As Rumi said: “Do not throw the stone at the mirror, do not blame your reflection”. We constantly fight adversities because we do not understand their nature, in reality, they are an invitation from Existence to go inside yourself in order to know yourself; you can understand and experience this, only in the “single-player mode”.

It is not easy to take the responsibility of saying‚ “there is no other” but when you enter the single-player mode, you just see, you do not have to believe it, that there is no one to compete with, no one to blame or to judge. You simply realize that all the heavy emotions you feel, anger, jealousy, envy, lust, greed, etc., come from within, the notebook where you note down your observation about yourself will testify to it, you can know yourself only if you play the game of Life in the single-player mode. At the same time, you will be able to awaken to the reality, the beauty of Existence, and the beauty and the magnificence of yourself, this is a radical change of route, you take a step into another dimension, and you enter a higher level area.

Then your life will be transformed and doors on now unimaginable realities will be opened for you. I can guarantee that then the real work inside the work will start: you will be guided to follow your emotions back to their Source, this is the final destination of the journey that the Uwaysi System wants to accompany you through.

It is not easy, it will take time and hard work, but you will reach the point when you will ask yourself: – “Do I have to go on and on like this? Do I have to continue my whole life being the cause of my own suffering?”, You may decide to turn it around and declare: “I am the cause of my own happiness.” And when you can see that, the anxieties collapse, the depression vanishes, even if you see fear, then fear is no more the prison, but a door which you pass through and you are free. The Uwaysi System trains you exactly to realize and practice that.

If you come to deeply understand and live the reality of these two modalities, the single-player mode, and the multiplayer mode, strong consequences will come and will change your life profoundly, it is not possible to remain the same once you see those two modalities in yourself and you choose the single-player mode.

If you remain in the multi-player mode, even if you start a spiritual work, you can meditate, you can read special books, and you can even meet masters, but they will not touch you,  simply because all your energy and power go outside, – it is the other that is wrong, that blocks you, that makes you angry, or unhappy. Finally, also the spiritual path will sink into that drama, most people consume all their life in this modality thinking they are spiritual, By only taking the position of the single player, you take the responsibility for your own thoughts and actions, which means to take back your dignity, honor, power, energy.

You need to understand that there is no other source of your problems besides yourself, no one is against you, except yourself, there is no other weight to carry, except yours, there are no conspiracies, no enemies around and you can only win because you have no real opponents, there is only you. Through the Uwaysi System, you will understand and experience that you are the creator of your own life, this is freedom


Knowing yourself is the reason why we are here on Earth however, it is a long journey, and waking up by yourself is not easy, if not impossible.  The guidance of one who has walked along this road and knows the traps and where to enjoy the most beautiful views is needed. Another important aspect of the Uwaysi system is working together in a group of people that wants the same, which makes the work more concrete and tangible, and even more enjoyable. The group offers you support, comfort, and confrontation,  real growth occurs with others the true enlightenment is collective.

In this method, you proceed to work alone, noting down the observations about your emotions and reactions for forty days on an assigned specific subject. Every twenty days you meet with your group, you share your reports, and then you will receive feedback from Sheikh Burhanuddin and Hajjah Hamida with the instructions to proceed with the Work.

There are groups of people all over the world working with the Uwaysi System, they meet online or in their own cities every twenty days. If you are interested in joining an Uwaysi group, please contact us, here

Most welcome.

“Oh man, embark on a journey, from yourself to yourself.”