59. YA MU’ID

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063L12220_6B7R2_aAl Mu’id


The Restorer. Who renews the creation from life to death in the material world, and Who, on the Day of Resurrection, will exchange death for life.  So remember, O slaves of Allah, that is the Day for which you should work so that on it you may be gathered together with the righteous.


From: The Children Around the Table of Allah by Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i Head of the Higher Sufi Council in Jerusalem and the Holy Land Teacher at the Dome of the Rock (al-Aqsa)



Allah is the restorer of the things that He created and destroyed.  The attribute of al-Mubdi’, the Originator, contains the meaning of the Inventor, while al-Mu’id is the Re-creator and the Restorer to previous form.  Everything runs through its predestined period of life and passes away.  Finally, as it was in the beginning, nothing exists except Allah.  Yet all the doings of the creation, especially of humanity, are recorded within the eternally existent and eternally alive Allah.

Some have lived according to His laws, purely and decently.  Others have claimed “freedom” and revolted, becoming murderous and tyrannical.  The laws of men do not catch and punish one thousandth of them.  Allah knows all; He is the Most Just; He does not love tyrants, and He takes vengeance against them.  If all is resolved by death, there is no eternal justice.  Then the sinner, the revolter, the tyrant, would escape punishment.  Even human reason cannot accept this.

Without a doubt there will be a Day of Judgment, where the good and the evil will be separated from each other.  The good will receive their reward, the bad their punishment.  Allah promises this in His Qur’an, and Allah keeps His promises.  On that day, Allah al-Mu’id will re-create all creatures, perfect to the details of their fingerprints, and return their souls to them.

The servant who is aware of this recognizes Him not only as his Creator, but as the one who will re-create him.  He will be loyal to Him alone, and will not revolt against the Creator for the sake of the created.

‘Abd al-Mu’id is the one within whom Allah has placed the knowledge of the secret that things are continuously being re-enacted.  Often that servant helps in the re-creation of things and the recurrence of affairs.  He helps to maintain the re-created and the recurrent.

If a person in a household disappears, or a valuable possession is lost, if one recites this Name 77 times upon the four walls of the house in the quiet of the night after everyone has gone to sleep, either the news of the person who disappeared or the person himself (or the object lost) may return to that household.

From: The Name & the Named by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi al-Halveti