The Protecting Friend

Exalted and Glorious

Allah has full knowledge of your enemies, and Allah is Sufficient as a Waliyy, and Allah is Sufficient as a Helper.  (4:45)

Oppressed among men, women, and children, whose cry is, “Our Lord!  Rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from You one who will protect, and raise for us from You one who will help.” (4:75)

Say: “Shall I take as a Waliyy any other than Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth?”  (6:14)

He whom Allah guides, he is the rightly guided; but he whom He sends astray, for him you will find no Waliyy to lead him to the right path.  (18:17)

This attribute of Allah is a name which manifests love, nearness, and guardianship.  Allah is the only Protecting Friend in the real sense for everyone.  He who repeats this name is likely to be a friend of Allah.

Al-Waliyy is the Protector Who is the Lover Who conceals whoever is disobedient, and He is the Helper of His friends and the Subjugator of His enemies.  He is the One Who oversees and safeguards the continuation of nobility of character.  So be of the friends of Allah in your obedience and support them and increase their numbers.

Allah Allah Allah

From: The Meanings of the Names of Our Lord by Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i Head of the Higher Sufi Council in Jerusalem and the Holy Land Teacher at the Dome of the Rock (al-Aqsa)



 Allah is the protecting friend of His good servants.

He helps His good servants; He eliminates their difficulties and gives them guidance, peace, and success in their affairs in this world and in the Hereafter.  He takes them out of darkness into light and enlightens their hearts.  Those hearts do not stay constricted and attached to the present, but stretch to times before the before and after the after.  They come to know the Lord of these realms, acknowledge His unity and oneness, and are honored by the highest level that can be reached by human beings, His friendship through being a good servant to Him.

Allah’s friends have eyes enlightened by and seeing with the divine light.  They take lessons from all that they hear and see.  Divine light shines through their faces: whoever sees them remembers Allah.  There is neither fear nor sadness for them, for they do not know any other friend but Allah.  They fear nothing except opposing Allah’s pleasure.  They are tied to no expectation of anything from anyone excepts Allah.

Try to gain Allah’s friendship.  Be friends with His friends and learn to be like His friends.  Believe in what they believe, do what they do, reject what they reject, love the ones they love, and above all, love the One whom they lost most.

‘Abd al-Wali is the servant in whom the friendship of everyone who is faithful becomes manifest.  He is a friend to all those who are pure and devout.  The Prophet (pbuh) says, “The one who is not troubled by the troubles of other believers, and does not suffer because other believers are suffering, is not truly faithful.”

If a faithful person recites this Name 1000 times on Friday nights, all material and spiritual barriers will disappear.  It is hoped that such a person will see the real reality and the meaning of things.

In a marriage where one spouse has a quarrelsome character, if the other keeps this Name in his or her mind during their encounters, their communications may stop turning into fights.

From: The Name & the Named by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi al-Halveti