Cantare correndo

basmalah piccola

Nasrudin was running and singing at the same time.

As he passed by several people, one of them, greatly curious about Nasrudin’s rather bizarre behavior, decided to run after him and ask him about it.

Nasrudin, however, did not seem to notice, and continued his singing jog as the other man followed.

As they passed through another section of town, another man noticed the pair, and he too became so curious that he decided to chase along after them.

A minute later, Nasrudin finally came to a stop, and his two followers also followed suit and stopped right next to him.

After a few seconds of silence, the original follower finally stopped, giving his follower a chance to pose his question to the Mulla.

“Mulla Nasrudin,” the man said. “Why on earth were you running and singing?”

Nasrudin replied, “Well, people always tell me that I have a beautiful voice when it is heard from a distance, so I now I want to hear it, too!“