Lailatul Ragha’ib (Night of Desires)

First Thursday of Rajab
It is the first Thursday night of Rajab, next 18th February, is known as Lailatul Ragha’ib (Night of Desires). It is important to fast on this day and also the Friday.  If it is possible, we should try to fast Mondays and Thursdays in Rajab.

It is a very holy night. If you can, pray salatu Tasabih, and make dhikr together.

There are 12 rakats, done in 6 sets of 2 rakaat, to be prayed that night between maghrib and isha, if possibile.

In each rakat you recite 1 Fatiha, 3 surat al Qadr, and 12 Surah al Iklhas. And after you finish the 12 rakats, you recite 70 Salawat.

 Then you go to sajdah, and ask Allah whatever you like. InshaAllah it is accepted, because in this holy night there will be no angels around, they all descend to Kaaba and make tawwaf and ask forgiveness for the people who are honoring that night praying and worshipping; the angels ask forgiveness for them and offer the rewards of their worshipping to them.

Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said, “By Him in whose Hand is my soul, I assure you that no servant (of His), whether a manservant or maidservant, will ever perform this particular salat, without Allah forgiving all the sins of which that individual has been guilty, even if they are like the flecks of foam upon the ocean, as numerous as all the grains of sand, as heavy as the mountains, and as many as the drops of rain and the leaves on all the trees. On the Day of Resurrection, he will be allowed to give shafa’ah (intercede), on behalf of 700 members of his family.