Ora oppure no (Parte 2)

And in the now you have to speak the truth. The future will lie at you, the future is a multiplication that does not exist. The ego says: this is your life in the next ten years. For example the youngsters say I don’t want to work in an office all my life. That is irrelevant. Whenever you think yourself in the future, you are far away from yourself, you throw yourself in misery.

We don’t do that. The battle is now, there is no other place. It’s now or not, finished.

It’s here where you have to speak, you love now, or not.

There is not a tomorrow.

Nothing will change in the tomorrow if you are not present here. Because there is only the present, there is no other time existing.

It’s now, happy, or not, If it is not now happy, also the next moment it will not be happy.

You can only change it in that very moment, only now you can decide, I am happy, thankful and fine.

Then you stay there, that is the challenge.

But you want a guarantee you want to force the guarantee from the divine, for the next hundreds years it must be all fine. But He says: “It is all fine now”, and you say, “No, I am not interested in the now, I want a guarantee, for the future”.

And there is no guarantee because nothing is permanent, how there can be a guarantee? Everything is in a permanent change, fluctuation, every atom.

So if you want to grow up, you learn to stay here, now, you are either in love or not, in peace ort not, tomorrow it will not be, if it is not now. That is the place.

Ad the past is dead long time ago, so to think to the past is as fruitless as to think to the future. You have remorse of the past, and you are in fight with the future and the place you have been given, a cosmic place, you deny it.

That is a craziness, and in this craziness we destroy the all globe, our life, we are in a constant misery. We do not want to enjoy what has been given to us.

The child has no consciousness about the future. If you say to a small child, “Do not worry, I will give it to you tomorrow”, it is not comforting him, he is strictly connected to the now.

For this reason Jesus was saying be like the children: it has been misunderstood so many times. People thought I must becoming childish, innocent, but the main aspect is that the child is always now, that’s why they are so refreshing. You cannot build up a fantasy with a child like in two years we do this and that…. There is no point for the child. He is now, I am hungry now and that’s it.

Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann, SUFI INTENSIVE, 22 September 2018, Amelia, Italy
Youtube: Burhanuddin Herrmann Channel, Ep. 64