TARAWIIH: la preghiera di Ramadan

The best is to recite the salatul tarawiih in community, but for the ones who will be alone here is a simple memo chart about how to perform it:

ISHA (night prayer) = 4 rakat sunna + 4 rakat fard isha + 2 rakat sunna (instead of the usual 4)   (3 witr: not now but after, see below)

Make the intention to fast the following day and the intention to offer tarawiih prayer.

At every rakat a short or long part of the Holy Qur’an is recited. Actually the whole Qur’an should be recited during the month.

1° rakat      2°  rakat – Salli ‘alã Muhammad (=bless Muhammad)
3°  rakat     rakat – (and closing)
3 Ikhlas – Salli ‘alã Muhammad

5° rakat     6°  rakat – Salli ‘alã Muhammad
7°  rakat     rakat – (and closing)
3 Ikhlas – Salli ‘alã Muhammad

9° rakat    10°  rakat – Salli ‘alã Muhammad
11°  rakat  12° rakat – (and closing)
3 Ikhlas – Salli ‘alã Muhammad

13° rakat   14°  rakat – Salli ‘alã Muhammad
15°  rakat  16° rakat – (and closing)
3 Ikhlas – ‘Alã Sayyidi l-Ka’inati s-salawãt (blessings upon the Lord of all beings). It may be said by one and all the others reply: Salli ‘alã Muhammad

17° rakat    18° rakat – (Salli ‘alã Muhammad)
19°  rakat  20° rakat – 3 Ikhlas – ‘Alã Sayyidi l-Ka’inati s-salawãt. Salli ‘alã Muhammad.

At the end recite:
A’udhu bi Llahi min ash-shaitani r-rajimi Bismi Llahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim
Shahru Ramadan alladhii unzila fihi l-Qur’an, hudan li n-nasi wa bayyinaatin mina l-hudaa wa l-furqaan. Amin amin amin, wa l-hamdulillah Rabbi l-aalamin.

(=Ramadan is the month when the Qur’an has ben revealed as a guidance for the human beings, with clear signs for the guidance and the judgement between the good and evil. Be it so, and praises to the Lord of the worlds) (Qur’an 2: 185)

3 rakat salatul witr

Then complete the recitation of the dua’ , “‘Ala rasulina s-salawat. Astaghfirullah “….etc. As from pg. 32 of the Naqhbandi Handbook

Receite: Amana Rasuluh (Sura 2: 285, 286)