basmalah piccola


“I like to introduce you a new powerful meditation. It belongs to our tradition.

The meditation I showed you some time ago (see Post: THE DATE) is always valid but this last one is stronger in the process of de-hypnotizing yourself from the identification with your emotions, with the roles we all unconsciously playing in our daily life (see Page: UWAYSI SYSTEM).
It gives you a kind of action in the meditation, and that helps a lot in the process.

First of all try to sit straight, on a chair or on the floor, and try not to lean. Close your eyes and keep them close for the whole meditation.

The mantra we will use connected with the breathing is LAA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH (There is no Source but one Source)

You concentrate on the point where the eyebrows meets, and there you breath in “LAA” and then you make a short pause, as long as it is comfortable for you. Then, breathing out in a long breath, slowly, you slightly move your head towards the right shoulder, saying internally “ILA”, then left shoulder “HA”, and then to the heart with “ILLA ALLAH”. And after making again a short pause, you start again.

You make small slow movements with the head, because if you do not do them, you will move only your eyes and this is not good, because it give you dizziness.
The moments you do is like drawing a cross, a sign that most probably has a similar origin.

It is important you keep the meditation for at least 40 minutes.

So when you start it is important you make sure that your position is from the very beginning as comfortable as possible.

The ideal is to sit crossed legs, with the left foot in the middle of your sitting position and the right foot behind the left knee, pressing the artery connected to the heart, that in this way is stimulated; this is the vein they use when they make a heart bypass.

Sit in a comfortable position, and if you feel that your knees or you back, or your hips are driving you mad, you can give a release to the position, for example stretching one leg, or changing the crossing of the legs, but really in a slow motion and keeping your eyes closed.

The hands are resting on your lap, the right hand over the left, or open on your knees with the palms up and the thumb touching the point finger.

The invitation is to keep this meditation daily, in the early morning and in the evening before sunset, or even once a day, in the most convenient time for you.

The important is to keep it daily.

This is the way, combined with the self observation work of the UWAYSI SYSTEM, to awake and to open radically your life to a new life.”