Nothing to reach

Where you were before embodying in your flesh body, you can be there only in a higher condition. You cannot stay there if you have troubles, or if you are in misery. So you are familiar with that state, because there you spent most of your time up to now.
So there is nothing really to reach. In all the holy books they describe a process of purification, not in the sense that you are a sinner, but that you commit a sin all the time for the spiritual world: you bring yourself down and you are living in a very low condition. You do not live your life as you actually know somewhere that you can live it.
All these conflicts that you always feel inside of yourself, are the result that you are in connection with your higher self but you do not live it, or support it.

Stop looking at yourself down, you come from perfection, feel it, believe it.
Believe means you become what you live.

Sheikh Burhanuddin, DERVISH TRAINING 11- Webinar, A Rose is a Rose, is a Rose, is a Rose, 20 June 2021