40 Days


When you have a strong desire, you feel a power arising. But the real power appears when you deny the desire.

You try: when you are thirsty, you put some water in a glass in front of you and you wait, you do not drink it immediately. The pause you make will create in you a kind of sensation. At first it is unpleasant because usually the fulfilment is immediate. But without the pause you cannot build up the energetic body.

The pause brings you to the present. And it is the present that is connected to your energy level. Because you can receive it only in the present, now, you cannot receive it in the past or in the future.

When you are invited through the obstacles – the divine invitations -, to create emotions, you generate this energy as well. You just have to observe it.
In the Work, this is exactly where I like to invite you to focus.

Every automatism brings you down. It means you have an impulse and you follow it till you satisfy it. That is the way towards no-awareness.

For this purpose in the Uwaysi System we have a series of beginning exercises, if you like to experiment. It is good to practice them for forty days.

For example there is no need to think all the day long to your ‘drama’, your over emotionalized life circumstances.
You may give yourself only one hour a day to think consciously to it. This is a powerful exercise.
And when you start doing it, you will like to go out of it sooner than one hour, but you force yourself to stay there.
When you keep this exercise you will find out that you have more energy and in time you may decide to put your attention somewhere else.

The method of the Uwaysi System is simple and it works because it is all about observation and decision.

When you are driven by your desires, you can’t see.
To desire means to write upon what is coming to you.
When you turn it around, and you stop to give too much energies to your desires, you see that everything is arranged long time ago for the best for you, just as it is.

The desire is the opposite of fear, it is an attempt to escape from fear. The mind projects something to rescue itself.
Ultimately, no desires means no fear.

When you go deep in yourself, as a last barrier to the light, you always find a fear. Fear is the threshold to freedom.

As long as you desire something, you don’t have to look in the fear, you run in front and not inside. Our mind is constantly busy with our desires, projections.

Remember, the will power is when you can say no to the desire.
We make experience of our will through our desires.

What is unique in you, you still did not experience it. It is hidden behind your desires.
As long as you run after your desires, and the fulfilment or the frustration of not having fulfilled them, you cannot come in contact with your essence, with your uniqueness.
Because everything falls back in the drama. When you rise up above the level of desires, your so-called problems are still there, the conditions of your life are the same, but the power you have to deal with them is totally different.

Doing so you take backyour power, because now you take your responsibility back and you feel that for the first time you can act.

The self-observaton work brings you a satisfaction because you have completed a work. To avoid doing it, brings only stress and a restlessness feeling.

When you have done a physical work all day long, in the evening you come back home, you feel tired but happy, you feel that you deserve food and a good sleep, because you did something and you received something.
The same is when you have made an inner work. Even if you have not yet reached a complete opening but you did the Work, this gives you love, a sweetness for yourself.

Working hard is a must in this Method.
You will see that if you have not done the work, you feel guilty, you feel that you have not really given something.

To remain in the ‘multi player mode’ –seeing the others as the only cause of your inner and outer state -, gives you a sense of guilt. If you enter in the ‘single player mode’ taking back your responsabilities for your states, this restless feeling will leave yo, because you had the courage to look at yourself in the deep roots of your emotions and you have faced what has to be seen to heal.

When you do the Work, you do not deny any more what is. That makes you happier. Nothing is more magnetic than a happy person.

The work on yourself has always an immediate effect on the others. It will inspire them unknowingly to do the same. And your relationships will be repaired in no time.
This is one of the inevitable side effects of this Method.

In our Work, the self-observation must become your daily practice.
We all think of being in the moment, aware and present, because we identify with the mind, but we are not at all present.

If I ask you where did you left your shoes, in which position, with which foot you walked into the room first, maybe you cannot say it. If you were present you would have known it.

To increase awareness, the secret is to start from the small things, simply because they are manageable.
Although they are simple gestures, you will find that they will bring you high.

If you cannot have success, it is frustrating. With small things you can be successful. And you must have success in your spiritual practice.

I am not asking you to be always present with your breath: it would just stresses you, because this is the divine level, and you would not be able to do that for one minute.
But during the day when you enter and leave a room, you will be able to watch your feet and choose which one comes first.
If you want to bring the self-observation, the awareness in your daily life, this is the first step.

It is a practical exercise to strengthen the presence: every time you enter a room, put first your right foot. And when you go out, put first the left foot. Everyone can do that.

The ego may simulate a kind of awareness, but it is the awareness that you may have in a virtual room. This is why the virtual networks, the video games are so successful, they are taylor-made for the ego reality.

Observe how you feel when you do this simple exercise of the foot, and when you forget to do it. When you forget, you’re frustrated. If it happens, observes this emotion and let it be.
Whenever you succed, you feel happy, peaceful, satisfied, because consciousness in itself brings joy.
The self, when it is present, is made of joy.

Imagine an empty bottle sealed with a cork stopper: even if it is pushed into the bottom of the deepest ocean, it always jump up in a happy leap.
Life will never cease to be dynamic, but you will always be in place if you float. It is not important for the bottle the sea condition, whether it is calm or stormy.
This is the true deep joy.

Once you have familiarized with the first exercise of which foot you enter the room, you will want to move forward. Then you can add other simple exercises: when you wear your shoes, you start from the right foot, when you take them off, you start from the left foot.
The same when you get dressed; you slip in first in the right sleeve and then the left one, the same for trousers.
Leave the house with the left foot and enter the house with the right foot. Enter into the bathroom with your left foot and put first the right one to get out.

Bless the food before eating it, and do not take more than three sips in a row. So you become aware of yourself. And then eat and drink only with your right hand.

If you practice all this, you will see that your self-awareness will be strengthened.
These are small practical steps, but if you master them, you pass to the next level.
All these exercises have a spiritual and an energetic deep meaning: this is why in the Sufi tradition we try to practice them all in our daily life.

Only if you are aware you can awaken. And only those who are awakened can become servants.
As long as you’re asleep, how can you become a servant?
If you are always immersed in your emotions and you are the victim of them, if you are always angry, sad, afraid, how can you be useful? You cannot, nor for the yourself, nor for the others.

You are most welcome to experiment these simple exercises suggested as a start in our Method.
Once you have completed a cycle of 40 days exercises, you will be assigned the next cycle, if you like.

If you cannot keep the full 40 days, do not worry, important is that you understand the difference between how do you feel when you remember to do it and when not.
This is our main interest.

We will also use different mantras and sacred sounds from the Sufi tradition to support the Work.
One of our basic favourite mantra is to repeat ‘thank you’. Every time you can say that, something in you enters into rest.

When you repeat ‘Thank you’, you can add God or Existence, whatever is easy for you, you feel it immediately, you do not have to sit hours and hours to feel it. You are overwhelmed by a wave of gratitute and automatically you find yourself in the correct position towards Existence.
Try it out, say it for five minutes in the evening before falling to sleep.

Remember that what is given to you in every single moment by Existence, it is precisely what can be given to you. It cannot be given to you anything else, it is absolutely impossible, it is what you can contain and that’s what you asked for and you created yourself, you will realize it and you will practice it in the Uwaysi System.

In the tradition we say: no one can take away what is for you, and no one can give you what is not for you.

Know this: every thing that happened in your life has been the best thing for you.
It is only the way you reacted that needs improvement.

I invite you to follow each step of the Uwaysi System, and to prepare for wonders: you will meet the best time of your life. Guaranteed.
This is the highway to bliss.