The Date

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The Date

“I want to invite you to a new chapter of your life.
For the sake of our children, of our humanity, of our Earth, of ourselves, we need to raise up our individual awareness. Now.

It is not about saving the world, it is not in our hands, we are not made for this. We were born in this age to awaken. We just need to start working seriously on ourselves.

If you fall in love with a spiritual path, shortly after you kill it and say ‘it does not work for me, it is not what I wanted’. Of course, because the only thing you are looking for now is strengthen your drama, and you make the spiritual path a mere decoration over it.

You decide with your intention, what to think about: if you want to think about your drama, your life will be a drama, if you want to think God, your life will be divine. This is the essence of the method.

No one can pull you out of your drama, because it is your own creation. It is you the one who has to do it. And if you do it, you will begin to enjoy life, the real life, in joy and peace.

If you decide to go over your drama, what awaits you is magical experiences, I guarantee it to you.

Now the Divine is calling you, because the saints and the prophets are looking for workers.
Accept the invitation.

If you have the firm intention to awaken, God will be at your service. He will offer you everything you need to have success, instantly.

You need to understand that there is no other source of your problems beside yourself. No one else is against you, except yourself, there is no other weight to carry, except yourself. There are no conspiracies, no enemies.
And you can only win, because you have no opponents, there is only you.
Always remember one thing: Life is never against you.

Get up in the morning, two hours, at least an hour and a half before sunrise.
After the morning prayer, sit comfortable, with your back straight, if possible with your legs crossed and the knees touching the ground. But you can also sit on a  chair if the position is difficult and create stress in you. Your hands rest on your lap or on your thighs open upwards. Close your eyes and keep a light smile on your lips.
You’ll see that the ego, the drama, always wants you to move, mentally, physically, emotionally. But you remain there, still as a rock.

Relax your jaw, your chin, breathe through your nose for at least 40-60 minutes, it is the time needed to establish the connection, and repeat silently La ilaha illa Allah (there is no god but God, there is no source except one Source). Inhale with La ilaha, make a brief pause, exhale with illa Allah, another short pause and you keep on. You may also exhale La ilaha, and inhale illa Allah, you have to follow your inspiration about this point.

La illaha illa Allah is the most beautiful, the most neutral and powerful sentence to say: it contains the essence of God.

It is good to use the ‘inverse breathing’ technique: when you inhale the belly goes out, you fill it with air and then you bring the air up to fill also the chest. When you exhale you gently push the air down and you empty the belly that goes in. In between inhaling and exhaling you always make a brief and comfortable pause.

During the breaks you feel a little pressure, but it should not be too much, otherwise the effect will be that you block your shoulder muscles. We are all different, you have to find your own rhythm in the circular flow of breath.

You may breath in focusing on the spot between the eyebrows in line with the pineal gland, creating a circle of breath flowing down inwardly, and coming up again entering through that spot.

 This is how the spiritual development proceeds, it is Work.

Your day will be different, more fresh, joyful, energetic, you’ll see what previously you were not able to see.
This is the ticket to board the train that takes you high.

If possible, it would be good to leave the window a little open not to miss the birds when they start all together to sing, like you, glorifying the creation.

They sing like an orchestra in three different phases: there is a beginning, a crescendo and then all at the same time they change melody and become quieter. It is a very important moment and when you hear the change, it will be the time your meditation is coming to an end. 

Our only mission on Earth is to find a way to connect with the Above, to know and to accept ourselves in order to live in joy.
Joy is the fertilizer of our intelligence.

The early morning is the key. And I will be there, with you.
We will not be alone, many realized beings, saints and prophets will be with us.
This is our date.

You’ll get a sense of satisfaction and trust and confidence toward existence, because you will begin to take care of yourself. Getting up early will be no longer a problem.
If over time you keep our appointment, you will become more and more spiritually hungry. That’s what you need. Now you’re not hungry, you’re desperate.

In the tradition it is said that prayer is better than sleep, and you will have a direct experience of it. If you turn inside, you’ll see that tiredness is just in the brain, not in the body, and it will transform into freshness.

You will be able to better manage your life, you will be more brilliant, capable, because now you begin to act on your energy level. It will strengthen your happiness enormously.
It will be a new era for you.

When the energy system is dominant, your drama subsides, recedes into the background and draws less your attention, for you have found something better. You will love to be in connection with yourself, and see your true energy, and your powers unfolding, level after level.

Getting up early in the morning to meditate puts order in your life. It’s a pillar. It’s a very powerful energetic experience that opens doors now unknown to you.

You do not find any spiritual tradition in the world that is not working in this time of great openings.
You must want it, and feel that it is the meeting of your life, and it will transforms your day.

God always looks at you with an indescribable loving warmth, it is like a blanket that embraces you. You’ll start to feel it and you will feel safe and protected.
Be happy: this is your responsibility.

Who knows himself knows God, he who loves himself loves God, this is the divine play.
You can love and feel beloved, when you stop judging others and yourself.
God does not judges you, He is not interested in your life, He is only interested in the love you have in your heart.

At the end, it is you to shape your life. It is only a matter of priority: is it more important to sleep or to know yourself in order to awaken? Once you’ve decided, you’ll jump off from the bed happy, like a spring.

You will enter into a parallel dimension. You’ll meet people who like you want to become servants. Then the spiritual life will open. You will begin to truly live, because you will not give any more permission to your ego, to your drama to sabotage your life anymore.

You’ll find that in a short time you will want to take rest from your judgment, doubts, suspicions, complaints.
Once you accept and agree that everything and everyone are as they are, you discover the magic in your life.
Only if you do the Work you will be able to see that.

Give a sign that you understand life, find something you like to do in this world, become passionate about something, learn singing, to play an instrument, gardening, to paint, be creative, because the world wants to be enjoyed. If you miss the joy, you miss life.
We need happy people now. Because only those who are happy are bearers of love, joy, peace.

Do not waste your life, do not be just a consumer, work harder inside.

My vision is that more and more people wake up early in the morning to work on themselves. The effect will be very powerful. It will create a new movement.

In this age it is not the labels that count, but your intention to take your life into your hands and learn how to put an end to your drama.
Only then, you will begin to live a real life, in peace and love. A life that will be a blessing for yourself and for others.

It’s important that you learn to connect with yourself in terms of energy, this is what I am inviting you to.

You are an expert of your emotions, you know you can have a hundred different emotions within the same day, but you do not understand that emotions are first of all energy. You give them a label, ‘I’m sad, I’m depressed, I’m afraid’, and so you remain at a mental level and you create your drama.

I invite you to remain in your energetic presence and to ride this energy to go deeper inside yourself and to know yourself. You’ll have to face your deepest fears, but only if you go over them you will be free.

Know that life happens in a very different dimension of your drama. When you meet a master, he will unplug you from your drama to plug you in the dimension where he dwells.

Look at your prayers, if you would pray with the same energetic intensity of a kiss, that would be a prayer. The same is for your meditation.

When you’re in your energetic position, your mental, emotional attitude, become a little thing, nothing.

You have a superior intellect, but to activate it you must be connected with your energy level first, otherwise it will not work for you.

It’s important that you turn in and that you can have a taste of yourself.
Your daily life will become clear.

Everything that is written for your life, do not fear it. Sometimes it will not be easy, but you will always have benefit from it. The Divine has written only the best for you.

There was a beggar at the market, sitting on a box with a lock, begging. One day, a dervish passed by, and the moment he saw him, he started laughing. “Just because I’m a beggar you do not have to mock me!” Replied the poor one. “No no, I do not want to offend you, nor laughing at you. Just know one thing: the box you’re sitting on, is full of gold. Open it.” He did so and he found that the dervish had spoken the truth. He had been sitting for his whole life on a box full of gold, begging for some coins.

It’s the same for us. We have been given an indescribable treasure, the generosity of God is immeasurable, and we spend our whole lives sitting on it, begging for what we already have, without ever knowing our true potential.

I wish you a joyful and successful Work.
May the divine love enter more and more into your life. May you find peace, joy, happiness in you heart.

You’ll find out that we can meet in an incredible way.
I live literally a life inside of you, and you inside of me.

Tomorrow morning get up, before the sun rises. Do not miss our appointment.
I’ll be there.”

Burhanuddin Herrmann