A universe

basmalah piccola
Nasrudin was hanging a painting in his room. As he hammered the nail, he accidentally hit too hard, and made a big hole in his wall. He looked through it and saw goats on the other side, but did not realize that he was looking into his neighbor’s yard.

Nasrudin immediately ran to his wife and exclaimed, “Wife! You are not going to believe this! Guess what!“

“What?” she replied.

“I was hanging a painting in my room, and…you’re not going to believe this!“ Nasrudin exclaimed.

“What!“ his wife asked curiously.

“My hammer went through the wall, and…this is really incredible,” Nasrudin said.

“What?” his wife replied, now totally full of anticipation.

“I accidentally discovered another universe right in my room—a universe of goats!“.