Ask to be trained

basmalah piccola

There are many different ways to make people reach Heavens. It is according to the different capacities, abilities and characteristics of people. We use methods depending on the understandings of people and their beliefs, also according to their willpower. What is most important is the will of the one who really wants. We must see on which level they are standing, so that we can move from that point and take them to their Heavenly Stations, either slowly or fast. So first we ask of the seekers of Sufi Ways that they should be willing to be trained towards their Heavenly Stations. That will must come from the seeker themselves. Then the Master of the Tariqat must give them something according to their level. Sometimes they do not give anything, because it is first necessary to take away the characteristics within them to make them free to start moving upward.
Sufi Masters must have spiritual powers so that when they look at someone they will know their capacity. It is important not to give anyone more than they can carry. If we would, the person overloaded can be lost. We are all on the level of being seekers, not yet beginners. We must prepare ourselves and try to command our egos not to oppose that which we are asking. The main hindrance for everyone is their ego. It never wants you to go towards Heavens because our ego is connected to the lowest level. It knows that if you leave your ego, you will leave it forever and it will not be able to control us anymore. That is the battle between our soul and our ego. It is the reason that we are going to trick our ego so that it will not object our need to reach Heavenly Stations. When you are able to control your lowest level, your ego, then it should be easy to improve a little bit towards Heavens.

That is why masters give instructions, but you must practise. If you are intending to do something, you must ask me to help you and my spiritual support will be with you. Anyone who asks for Heavenly Ways, must look for a spiritual powerful person, must find a holy person who knows the capacities and abilities of people. When you have found him and your heart is 100% in confidence with him, then he will be your guide and he will take you up. As long as the hook of love is with that master, he will take you up. Just like a train only has one engine in the front and still it can carry 50 or 60 wagons with it. Sometimes a second engine will join from behind and it will be very easy.

LONDON – 01.04.1993