Carne di elefante

basmalah piccola

A dhow was caught in a violent storm while crossing the Indian Ocean. Its mast broken by the fury of the elements, the rudder broken, the dhow drifted in distress. The crew implored Allah. “For our lives, my friends, let each one wish, said the captain. If Allah gives us alive, we will keep this promise, whatever it costs us”.

They all understood that the wish must equalize the gift of Allah. And everyone took a commitment that, for him, represented a great sacrifice. “As for me,” said the latter, I … I promise never to eat meat of an elephant!” Amazement of the sailors: “We all made a painful vow while you …”
The latter replied “I had prepared a severe promise, as you all. But when I wanted to tell it, this wish has come. I must respect it.”

Against all odds, when a rogue wave is going to sink, the surf pushes on a strike. They are saved. But behind the empty beach, a jungle terrain prevents them from exploring the place. “God draws us to a threat to plunge us into another, they groan. We shall die of hunger on this desert island!” At that moment a fearful beast out of the jungle is an elephant. He is quickly captured, slaughtered, butchered, cooked and eaten. They were all delighted to escape hunger. All except one, who had promised not to eat elephant.

While, sated and satisfied, his companions roar, he turns on the cold sand. A great trumpeting, a din of broken branches, the mother elephant arose from the depths of the jungle. Quick, she sniffed the carcass of his son who still brown over the coals, then sniffed each sailor, before crushing their heads. Then came the turn of the hungry, who felt nothing, because he had refused the meat of an elephant. In a delicate tube, the beast took hold of him, placed it on his back and crept into the jungle.

Then they reached the cultivated fields, and the elephant deposed man by his people.