basmalah piccola

It is not important to have a title, to be this or that; Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Brahamism, Confuzism… You can have any of these titles and still not be a blessed servant. Blessed are the ones who believe that the most important point in their life is to serve the Lord.
Those who prefer to serve this world, their ego, will never reach. Make the service for the Lord the priority of the day. Start the day with, “La illaha il la’llah, Muhammadu rasul Allah” and ask the Lord to help you to serve Him that day.
At the end of the day ask to be forgiven and blessed. Ask Him to accept your incomplete service and ask Him to help you to improve the next day. Your first and last thought of the day should concern Him. If someone dies the same night, the intention he had will stay until the Last Day.