O people, come and try to be true ones. That is our mission, as it was main mission for prophets, to call people to be from true ones. That is the honor of Mankind, to be called “true one.” If you are not reaching to that level, to that honor, you are losing. You are losing and it is your whole life, going to be for nothing. This chance is be true one, you should be happy here and Hereafter.

Follow the friends of Allah, dalajalaluh. It is an endless honor granted to servants. As Allah Almighty is saying, “O people, try to be with Me.” yes. In Arabic verse, that is from heavenly declarations for all Mankind, is

Kun ma’aAllah = Be with Allah

Don’t leave Him. He never leaves you. Kun ma’aAllah. And you are asking, “How can we be with Allah Almighty?”

And there is another word after kun ma’aAllah, wa atubualay. If you are going to be with Allah Almighty, don’t worry for here or Hereafter. No one harms you, no.

Everything that harms Mankind is because they are forgetting Almighty Allah, and everything is harming them. They are not kun ma’aAllah. And ask to

kun ma’Allah wa laa tubaalee = Be with Allah and do not worry, have no fear [nothing will harm you if you do].

It is not easy to be with Allah Almighty. Yes, it is highest level. But the way that is carrying people to be with Allah Almighty, kun ma’aAllah. We are such weak ones, never understanding. Our understandin is so simple. What does it mean if you are saying kun ma’aAllah?

Allah Almighty, no time and no space for him. His existence is only, no space for Him. Endless Honor for Him, endless Glory for Him, endless praisings for Him. Only HIm. ilallah ilallah ilallah, But it is an order, kun ma’aAllah. It is an order that we must be w our Lord, Allah Almighty. How can it be?

That means, first of

makaanin aw zamaan = Allah is not to be found in a place or time . But there is only “Ill’Allah, Ill’Allah” = there exist only Allah all, who is that one who is with his Lord? He is that one who his holy name is written in front of the Lord of Heaven’s glorious Name (stands) Muhammad (s) (sits) Who is representing? Me or you? No. Glorious representing the Day of, before that also, Eternity. Beginning through pre-Eternity up to Eternity. From pre-Eternal up to Eternal.

Who can be by himself through distance and no distance there? it is a grant from Allah Almighty to one only. According to his no other Mohamed sws, there is only one, saws. No one can be like Sayyidina Muhammad. His position, no one can be like him. From that One, only one. The Creator may bring endlessly Muhammads.

Therefore, all people, kun ma’Allah, be with Allah Therefore, o People, kun ma’aAllah. Try to be with Allah and it is so difficult for us, but it is a heavenly grant to Sayyidina Rasulallah s, that he is representing. He is One, Allah Almighty and He has representatives through all Creation, but those representatives coming

Mutlaq = absolute (exitence of the Seal of Prophets sws

and going to be with one mutlaq. Absolute existence of Muhammad, the Seal of Prophets (stands) saws  Try to be from those who are living this short life and coming back to their real source that it should be a Divine grant for them that they should say, “O our representative, we are taking everything from you and we ar going to be your representative.” And to be representative of Allah Almighty, not any number can reach. And Creation, eternally running and that Creation is neverending. No one is able to know how many of them. NO.