When I love

When I love
I feel that I am the king of time
I possess the earth and everything on it
and ride into the sun upon my horse.

When I love
I become liquid light
invisible to the eye
and the poems in my notebooks
become fields of mimosa and poppy.

When I love
the water gushes from my fingers
grass grows on my tongue
when I love
I become time outside all time.

When I love a woman
all the trees
run barefoot toward me…

In a room
as big as loneliness
my heart
as big as love.

Invade my sleep
and steal my dreams.

In beauty
let’s be together.

My heart,
bird in the desert,
found his sky
in your eyes.

Winter day
transparent like glass.

To love you
is to breath in
the fresh air
of the forest.

No way
to sleep tonight
because the stars
are too close.

It looks they want to enter
in my room
and sit on my red carpet.

They speak a language
i heard in a dream.

Nothing is real
but dreams
and Love.

Nizar Qabbani