Sacred Journeys


In the Sufi tradition we have a saying: right place, right time, right people.
When these three ingredients are together, beneficial constellation is created.

The right people and the right time are easy to reach, but the right place is the hardest component.

Travelling brings blessings, but must have a higher reason.

The touristic journeys out of curiosity, with no real connection or blessed intention, the travelling without an invitation or a familiar, spiritual or work reasons, are not beneficial for your spiritual evolution.
They may confuse your life and freeze it. Because you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.

It is an important point we don’t think about, but every small thing matters. There is the famous phrase from of the entropic science of chaos: the movement of a wing of a butterfly in China causes a storm in the other part of the planet. Imagine, that is only a butterfly. And what about you?

Tourism is not always advisable because you interfere with the geometry of existence. A lot of our chaotic situation has to do with the chaotic travelling and chaotic communication.
A mass moving around the globe for basically no reasons creates a lot of problems on Earth, ecological problems included.

You have to understand that your life has a geometric pattern.
Everything in our life is very mathematic: mathematics is the science that embraces all the others from astronomy to music.
The geometry of your emotional situation is disturbed when you do unnecessary movements.
So it is advisable to hold your movements under the spiritual umbrella.

To a certain point you will understand that you need all the energy to focus. The gravity of the ego is very strong; to pull it up is a hard work, so better trying to reduce the elements that disturb that work.

You have two options for a blessed and protected travelling: if you are invited by a local, or you have a spiritual reason. Business or family reasons are the exception.
Exception is also if you walk, then you can go anywhere. By bicycle, horse, by train is still ok, but cars and planes are too fast.

In our tradition, making sacred journeys to powerful places that offer spiritual benefits may accelerate your spiritual evolution and give you a true fulfillment.
They open your mind and sharpen your perception in many ways.

The spiritual places always invite you. It is always good to visit the ancient mosques, cathedrals, the tomb of saints and masters.
In ancient times, those who have built up these places had a true knowledge and achieved masterpieces that convey through the centuries a timeless connection.

We love to visit maqams, the graves of the saints, because the saints buried there are more alive, and emanate more love than the living ones, most of the times.
They have completed their journey, and they may offer you a great support and a precious guidance.

Periodically, in Spring and in Autumn, we like to make together sacred journeys in India,
pilgrimages to maqams, the tombs of the saints and masters belonging mainly to the Sufi tradition.

You are most welcome to join our little Caravan.
For details you may contact us.