O People, we are in a life that half of it is enlighted, and the other half, not.
And people who are in darkness and asking to reach real enlightening lights, and who is saving himself from the darkness of his ego, the darkness of Shaytan’s territories, they should reach heavenly lights.
And they will change  their physical being.

What is going to happen, what is changing?
Allah is granting them to be able to see those lights. He will say: “Give those lights to my servants first.”

Why are you not trying to be light-giving ones?  Those heavenly lights, when are reaching you, they take away every darkness from your being. They change your physical being and take you to endless oceans.

And you can look to Creation, that Allah Almighty created: it gives endless pleasure, endless glory, endless happiness, endless satisfaction. All that is going to appear in you, in your heart.
Therefore, Allah Almighty is saying: “I am in the heart of My servants.” Mu’minat, it means Allah is with us.

No one can say it is not like this, because if He is not with us, no one can be in existence.
And He created Man and  inside of himself He created an enlightened spot.
That spot may contain within it all Creation.