The 11 Principles of the Naqshbandi Order (6)

‘Return’ means ‘the return to Allah”,”to recognize the divine uniqueness”.

The ego continually seeks satisfaction in doing; it must always have new ideas, new programs, the next step to do.

At the stage of “return”, the dervish finds out that there is nothing in reality that he can do and perceives clearly who the real doer. He can no longer deceive himself by attributing to himself will, decisions and desires.

He finds out that, if he stops for a moment, it will be God to act for him, because then he will leave Him the space.

The fever of “making” stops, takes over a deep peace and everything goes a thousand times better. The dervish will be grateful for what has been given to him and will learn to love.

The same is true for th dhikr. At first he thinks he’s doing it; then one day he will listen to it vibrating in every cell of his body. He will not be able to stop it any longer because he will find out that it pulses within the nucleus of every cell of him.