The new Seminars with Sheikh Burhanuddin

with Sheikh Burhanuddin

 2-4 November 2018

Savona, Italy


with Sheikh Burhanuddin

13-16 December 2018

Casa Rabbani, Amelia (Terni), Italy

An intense opportunity to remember
and to practice together
the true reason why we are here,
to observe ourselves and to know ourselves
through the Uwaysi System,
and to acquire the tools
to live a real life in joy.

Under the guidance of Sheikh Burhanuddin
we will explore the depth 

of the Sufi teachings,
meditation, singing,
and the practice of Remembrance


What in the material world is a value
is not shining
as the truth of the soul.

You are used to look
in your shadow.

Look straight in the Sun,


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