What is style?


Creativity brings us closer to the Creator. What can give us more joy than creativity? Creating is a spiritual act. Not only the art is creative, it is the way we eat, we walk, we speak, we dress, we move. This is what the dervishes call style.

One may be the last of the beggars, but if he has style, he is rich.
The style makes your life sweet, divine. It is your personal wealth. It is a form of implemented adab.

In a soul society where everything is in order, the style is the way to express your own uniqueness. While in our psychic society we express ourselves through the specificity and uniqueness of our problems, depression, mania, that are not bringing any benefit to anyone, and are a burden on everyone.

Only if we enter into order , leaving our programs and our personal egocentric visions, the celestial spheres may be able to  work on us.

God loves each one of His children, no matter what he does. We will always receive His love, but if we are immersed in our outward and inward mess, the blessings of Heaven will not be able to reach us.