What is the Uwaysi System? (Part 2)

Then we go through the roles, there are 4 main types, 4 chapters of roles, because it is very fundamentals the role we play. You have different roles with different people, or situations. You have a role when you enter at home, you have a role when you get out of the house. You have a role with your parents, at work, with the people you don’t like. It is a whole set. And in these roles, over the time you find yourself in comfort. That is what you think you are.

Before you look at the roles you think about your the images, there is wish how you want to be seen by people. So as you are unconscious about yourself, you instinctively, unconsciously create images which are to opposite of what you actually are.

For example you have a nervous character and you would like to be seen as a very peaceful, strong, calm person.  And the one that will tell you, you are nervous, you will not like him because he is attacking your image.

So if you are unconscious about yourself, you are all the time in conflict. If you become conscious about your nervousness for example, and they tell you that you are nervous, you do not have to defend it any more, and you say, yes actually I am very nervous. And then it is no longer an attack.

So in the Uwaysi System we are always in a win-win situation. We have helpers, triggers, and mirrors. The most intimate persons are your biggest helpers: our husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends. They drive you to the limit of your roles and they make you to show, to see what you don’t want to see yourself.

This is somehow unconsciously what attracts you. They have a shape that will trigger all your craziness.

That’s why with your helpers in the beginning you start with love, or what we call love, and then step by step you demolish it, usually at high speed and soon comes the demonic parts, the hell opens, it’s a constant fight. They are your helpers, they help you to see all your demonic sides inside of you. If you cannot wake up there, then it ends up quickly, or if you don’t want to see it, you say no he is not the right person.

Knowing your real self, is knowing God.


Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann, SUFI INTENSIVE, 22 September 2018, Amelia, Italy
Youtube: Burhanuddin Herrmann Channel, Ep. 58