What is the Uwaysi System? (Part 4)

In the Uwaysi System, you meet and you send your report about your observation on the prescribed topic every twenty days.

And it depends the way you write, the way it is, sometimes there is not much to say, it is good, or sometimes a person is just in the process, so usually I don’t say much in the feedback, I say go on and you will be fine.

And the more they get advanced, the more also it takes from me to say something. They become smarter and smarter and it is like chess players, they come with all their subjects, because the ego now is at the top of the defence, there is no escape anymore and that makes it heavy. And the result is that some go in depression and it happens also that the major themes of their life come out, relationships may break out, or other events. It is not so unusual.

As Rumi said you find the treasure under the ruins. And unconsciously you want to ruin yourself till you touch, and till you are so ruined that you have a space again.

Not too go too much in the mental, you have also to listen certain things and to practice.

Maulana used to say: either you become wali, a saint, or deli, that means crazy, these are the two options. And you will find out that it is like this: every medicine, every method which is deep, will take you to the edge of craziness. And the ego has to go through that: its last defence is craziness.

Under a real pressure, an existential fear you are also very close to craziness, you go in the panic. That means you touch a deeper level. Then it is good if you are with someone you can trust and feel safe with. It is very important.

So it is preferable to do the work when you are in a stable relationship, or you have a stable work; whatever is stable benefits you.

That’s it.

Alone you cannot do the Wor . You need a group, a mirror. What you can do alone as a beginning is to start to observe yourself and to write down your observations on a note book, until you find a group to work with.

Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann, SUFI INTENSIVE, 22 September 2018, Amelia, Italy
Youtube: Burhanuddin Herrmann Channel, Ep. 60