ZIKR MARATHON, 10 and 17 January, 5.00-6.30 pm (CET)

Z I K R    M A R A T H O N 

10 January

and 17 January

5.00 – 6.30 pm (CET) 

We are forgetful;
of who we really are,
of Who brought us here,
of why we are here.

Zikr means ‘remembrance’.

That is the cure.

Zikr is the most beloved method used
by the Sufi people
to trace their way back Home,
straight to the Source.

Zikr is the harmonious chanting, individual or commune,
the meditative repetition of divine formulas,
to forget what does not have any existence,
ourselves, and to remember,
the only Existing One,
the Source.

In this meeting,
you will be guided into the map
of the powerful mantras practised for thousands
of years by the dervishes.

It will be a marathon;
you will be assigned by Sheikh Burhanuddin
a certain number of different zikrs,
tailored on your situation and needs,
to be performed daily.

We will all meet again on January 17,
for check-up, adjustments and decisions.
You may conclude on that day your experience in zikr,
or you may decide to embrace the zikr practice
as your ladder,
to reach back Home.

Remembrance makes people desire the journey:
it makes them into travellers.

Jalaluddin Rumi


*** The seats are limited,

better book in time **** 

To partecipate:

  1. Please check the time in your own country.

    1. Send a subscription email
    within Thursday 7 January to:
    and you will receive a confirmation email
    with all the details.
    2. Download the Zoom application:

– for computer: https://zoom.us/download
– for mobile/ipad/tablet: Zoom Cloud Meeting
(from: google play / apple store) 


  1. You are kindly invited to send
    a free contribution
    directly to
    Sheikh Burhanuddin through
    a bank transfer to the Iban
    that you will find in the confirmation email.
    4. On the 10 January before 2.00 pm
    you will receive the login link
    to access at 4.45 pm

 the Meeting Waiting Room
to starts punctually at 5.00 pm. 

(In case you did not receive the link within 2.00 pm,
pls ask for it at once by email and
it will be resent to you immediately)

*(The same thing on the 17 January)

The Meeting will be 
in English
with live consecutive Italian translation.
(Spanish translation upon request)




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