The Responsive

Exalted and Glorious

He brought you forth from the earth and settled you therein, then ask forgiveness of Him and turn to Him in repentance.  Certainly, my Lord is Near, Responsive.  (11:61)

This name is an attribute of Allah which means the One Who answers prayer. He who repeats this name 55 times, his appeal will be answered.

Al-Mujib, the Responsive Whom receives the supplications and questions which He then grants.  So turn to Allah with your supplications, for He is the Answerer to whoever calls upon

From: The Meanings of the Names of Our Lord by Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i Head of the Higher Sufi Council in Jerusalem and the Holy Land Teacher at the Dome of the Rock (al-Aqsa)


He is the one who responds to all the prayers and needs of His servants.  Allah is closer to His creatures than they are to themselves.  His proximity to all His creatures is the same.  He is not closer to a saint than He is to you or to a mustard seed.  He knows all the needs of His creation before they arise, and provides their satisfaction even before it is needed.

The manifestation of al-Mujib in human beings is our attentiveness and responsiveness, above all to Allah, the One who created us and furnishes all our needs.  We respond to Allah by glorifying Him and begging for our needs from Him, by attending to our duties prescribed by Him, and by responding to the needs of His other creatures when Allah chooses to give to them through our hands.

‘Abd al-Mujib is the one who obeys Allah’s call when he hears Allah say in Surah Ahqaf (31)
Oh people, accept the invitater to Allah and believe in him. 

As he accepts Allah’s call, Allah accepts his call.  That is when His attribute al-Mujib, the Responder, is expressed in His servant.  When ‘Abd al-Mujib calls, all come; since he has responded to Allah, everyone responds to him.

Allah confirms this in Surah Baqarah (186)

And when My servants ask thee concerning Me, surely I am near.  I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he calls upon Me.  So should they hear My call and believe in Me, that they may walk in the right way.

Prayer is a generator of energy. If one learns how to use it, one will discover a treasure and a source of strength.

If a person recites ya Mujib 55 times after private prayers, especially at sunrise, his or her needs will be met.

The recitation of this Name helps to stop gossip and slander directed against oneself.

From: The Name & the Named by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi al-Halveti