How does the master guide the disciple?


The masters are not ordinary people, they come with a power in their heart and they take us because we are on their list.

Every soul is entrusted to the hands of a master. Who is ready, shall hear in his own heart the echo of his call and will walk toward him, toward home.

Once he has taken the hand of the Sheikh, from that moment he’ll take care of you.

Who is not ready will just stay sitting in front of a Jesus like Pontius Pilate, who spent a whole night with him, without seeing, without understanding.

We have a heart that speaks to us: based on what we say we will move.

We do not know what and where that movement will lead us, there are no guarantees. But if we do not risk we will never find out.

How do we find the lover amongst all of the Earth’s inhabitants?

It happens, and we know it.

It’s the same thing.

In the tradition we say, “if you want to get to the truth, your master can also be an donkey, but you will get there. ”

If you do not want to reach the truth, your Sheikh may be the biggest on Earth, but that will not help you. A fake master cannot stop you.

An authentic Sheikh can speed you on. That’s it.

It’s up to you, up to the force of your intention.