DERVISH TRAINING, 21 & 28 February, 5-6.30 pm (CET)


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– Loving Hearts in Action –
Webinar with Sheikh Burhanuddin
21 February, 5.00-6.30 pm (CET)


– The Blade Dancers  –
Webinar with Sheikh Burhanuddin
28 February, 5.00-6.30 pm (CET)

Dervishood tells me,
you cannot become a dervish.
So what can I tell you?
You cannot become a dervish.
A dervish needs a wounded heart
and eyes full of tears.
He needs to be as easygoing as a sheep
-you can’t be a dervish.
He must be without hands when someone hits him,
without tongue when cursed;
the dervish should be without self
–you cannot be a dervish.
You make a lot of sounds with your tongue,
meaningful things
you get angry about this and that
-you can’t be a dervish.
If it were all right to be angry on this path,
Muhammad himself would have got angry.
As long as you take offence,
you cannot be a dervish.
Unless you find a real path,
unless you find a guide,
unless Truth grants you your portion,
you can’t be a dervish.
Dervish Yunus,
dive into the ocean now and then,
unless you dive into the ocean,
you cannot be a dervish.

Yunus Emre

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The Webinar will be in English
with live consecutive Italian translation.
(Spanish translation upon request)

Sheikh Burhanuddin
will explore different topics,
will guide you into new meditations,

will give space to singing

and will love to interact with you
answering to your questions live

You are most welcome to join us
in this global unique
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