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The first place

Taken from a long interview published on FENIX magazine, n.96, 2016: Mikaela Zanzi: An inner way that brings man closer to the Divine. This means looking at yourself and the world from another perspective....

Tabriz - East Azerbaijan, Iran: Friday Mosque - dome decorated with turquoise tiles - photo by N.Mahmudova 0


Al Wahid The One Exalted and Glorious   And your God (llah) is One God – Allah, la ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped, but He), the Most Gracious, the...

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The porter

Nasrudin bought a heavy item from the bazaar. He turned to a porter and said, “Take this to my house.” The porter inquired, “OK-where is it?” “Are you crazy?” Nasrudin replied. “I don’t know...

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Jesus (Isa) in the Islamic tradition

The Islamic world respects and reveres Jesus (Isa), peace be upon him.  He is considered one of the greatest of God’s messengers to mankind, a prophet full of might and power. This is reflected in the...

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THE 2017 EVENTS CALENDAR is online

IL NUOVO CALENDARIO 2017 dei Seminari e Ritiri condotti  in Italia e all’estero  da Sheikh Burhanuddin è online!

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Mawlid al Nabi: 11th December 2016

See Post: THE HOLY MONTH OF RABI’ AL AWWAL It is advisable to stay awake all night long, or as much as one can and to have some rest with the intention to pray...