Endless Artistry


endless artistry
The whole universe is swimming in the endless Power Oceans of Someone. Even if you do not accept to say ‘God’ or ‘Allah’,  you must know and you must accept this fact; to believe is one thing but to accept is something else. We must accept that the whole universe is swimming in an endless Power Ocean of Someone because those Power Oceans must belong to Someone since you can’t find the smallest part of a place in which there is no power. To the extent that matter is small, there is an immense power concentrated in it, huge power stations in the smallest particle of matter.

Now, there must be endless knowledge for that Someone. If He doesn’t have endless knowledge, nothing can appear in existence. We have a saying in Arabic, “Fa fi kulli shayin lahu ayah”, – that in everything in existence there are signs of Allah. Even if you look at the smallest particle of the universe – the atom, as we know – it has a very amazing structure in itself. You can fill a library with that atomic knowledge. That is the structure of the universe which we see. It is impossible for even the smallest particle of the universe to appear in existence without its carrying endless knowledge or pointing to its Creator’s endless knowledge.

Then, that universe which appears in existence also points to Someone’s endless artistry. That Someone must have endless art; without knowledge of endless art, He can never bring into existence even the smallest part of this universe.
Yes. You look at this building and you say that the architect who built such a building, is a powerful and great one. And the whole universe indicates the fact that Someone must possess the most perfect artistry. If you do not accept this, you must give up your mind or your mental faculties. You must give them up; only then you can deny this. Otherwise you must accept.