Pleasure Oceans

basmalah piccolaThe Lord of Heavens likes to see his servants happy and in pleasure.
When He is looking and seeing His servants happy He grants them much more reasons of happiness.

When one drop from the Lord’s Pleasure Oceans is coming on a person, this is making the Lord of Heavens happy, in pleasure. He is happy when He is looking and seeing His servant in pleasure.

And real pleasure where is going to appear? Pleasure is not coming from outside. The outside coming pleasure is imitated pleasure. Pleasure is coming from our inner life, from the inner being.

Pleasure is coming and reflecting on our real being. That is making the Lord of Heavens happy with His servant and He allows him to take from his pleasure Ocean.
That servant that he is taking from His pleasure, and shows it to his circle people and is giving from his pleasure to others also makes the Lord of Heavens happy with him and He grants him more.

What is saying Allah Almighty?
Hal jazaa’ul ihsaan illa l-ihsaan: ‘And is there a recompense for good, except good itself?’

Give and take, what you are giving the Lord of Heavens, He is rewarding you with.

Ih’san is heavenly grant, you are giving earthly grant to people and Allah Almighty is rewarding you with heavenly grant.

So easy, so good to understand.

If you are giving from your real beings, holy grants from Heavens will come.
If you are giving to the people what you have been granted, not from your physical but from your spiritual being, and if you are prepared, heavenly grants are coming to your real beings from Heavens.

If you are giving to the people from your spiritual grant you are given from Heavens more spiritual grants.