Essere derviscio vuol dire


Dervishood tells me,
you cannot become a dervish.

So what can I tell you?
You cannot become a dervish.
A dervish needs a wounded heart
and eyes full of tears.

He needs to be as easy going as a sheep.
You can’t be a dervish.

He must be without hands
when someone hits him.

He must be tongueless when cursed.
A dervish needs to be without any desire.
You can’t be a dervish.

You make a lot of sounds with your tongue,
meaningful things.

You get angry about this and that.
You can’t be a dervish.

If it were all right to be angry on this path,
Muhammad himself would have gotten angry.
Because of your anger,
you can’t be a dervish.

Unless you find a real path,
unless you find a guide,

unless Truth grants you your portion,
you can’t be a dervish.

Therefore, dervish Yunus, come,
dive into the ocean now and then.
Unless you dive in the ocean,
you cannot be a dervish.

Yunus Emre

bukhara-b copia