How to find the right direction?

It is important to look for the connection with God, because there is only Him. In prayer we open our hands upwardsinhale and receive a connection with the SuperiorFor a moment we become silent and allow our image to be fixedas in a photograph; it is a flash, and then we exhaleThe contact is established and the Divine will know what we are in need of.
This is the easiest way to find the right direction.

 allows us to always be aware of where we areIt makes us stretch your arms; at that moment the universal energy enters usIf instead of opening our hands, we create a wish, it will be virtually impossible to connect with the Superior because every desire want to catch something.

 always brings with it the joy of being able to embrace the object of our desiremixed, however, with the pain that comes from the awareness that what we embrace is always too small, and that in the next desire we want a little more. It is an endless and tasteless chain.
This is the nature of desire.