The story of the horse

piccolabasmalah32There was once a Shaykh who liked horses. He owned a beautiful, very rare and valuable one, that had been given to him by his master. To have it some sovereigns had offered immense fortunes, but the Shaykh, who was very fond of it, declined always answering: “Could I ever sell a brother, or a friend?».

Once a famous western photographer went to visit him, and he stayed for a few days at the residence of the master. He too was a lover of horses, and when he saw that wonderful animal he was dazzled. In those days, the Shaykh would have to leave for a trip, then went to his host and said, “I noticed you spend hours gazing at my horse, why don’t you take care of him while I’m gone and don’t you ride him a bit on my behalf? You know, it should be run every day”. The photographer thanked him very much for the opportunity and trust. The next early morning, saddled his horse, and with joy, rode to the surrounding hills all day.
The evening he took care of the horse, but maybe he not wiped well the sweat or the night was just too cold, the fact is that the next day, when he went back to saddle it for another walk, she realized that the poor animal had died by fever. Despaired, he could not find peace, but he could do nothing but wait for the return of the Shaykh to explain what had happened.
The master returned, and as was his habit he immediately went to see the horse, but did not see him in the barn and then went to the photographer to ask him about. He did not know how to tell him, but eventually he told him. The Shaykh replied: “Ah, I see. But you must not regret. For what? For that horse? No, do not worry, it did not mean anything to me, it was old and I was just thinking to give it away. It does not matter. Sit down, may I  pour your some tea? ‘.

The teaching
This story teaches us many things. The first is that nothing is permanent, nothing lasts forever, this is the truth. Another important aspect is the value of forgiveness, which is a commendable act of mercy and helps us to raise our level. Another thing is the importance of putting oneself down, in a humble position, and aim straight to the heart of the other to try to elevate it.

The teacher does not need to take distance or to forgive you, instead he think first of to the pain that you may feel for having caused him a displeasure. He forgets about himself and makes every effort to lift your heart. This is love. This is the Sufi Way.