Maulana Urs Sharif (7 May 2014)

According to the solar calendar: 7th May 2014

Lunar Calendar: 7th Rajab 2014
Anniversary of the Urs (‘marriage with the Divine’),
the passing of Maulana Sheikh Nazim, q.s.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu-Allahu wa barakatuhu

My deep condolences to every one, to everything,
to all Mawlana’s honored and blessed family first and to all mankind and Jinns.
My condolences to every human, every creature of all the created world.
My condolences to the Earth that was honored to carry on its back such a master,
never ever created like him before, nor will be till the Judgment Day.
My condolences to every thing Mawlana memtioned, praised, and glorified.
My condolences to every atom he spoke about in his sohbets or looked at and greeted.
My condolences to the Sun that he greeted in every car ride.
My condolences to the moon he looked at every new Arabic month and greeted.
To all that he counted, and he contained.
Mawlana once said, first the sheikh must learn, know, and recognize
every atom created in the universe, then with this knowledge he approach to know his Lord.
My condolences to all that he knew, and he knew everything, every one,
by name, by their language and by their manifestation.
I don’t dare to go beyond this world in Adab with Him, the Sky,
the Heavens and beyond the Divine presence and Dewan Al-Rasul ….
My humble love and high respect to my Master where he is now, and he is present, Alive.
I ask his forgiveness and pardon from every one, for every thing,
and thank him first but thanks to my Lord and His beloved Prophet for honoring me
with the opportunity to serve such a Perfect and complete Lion of the supreme guiding sheikhs.

I miss you my Sheikh, I miss kissing your hand,
I miss you hitting my head … I miss your voice calling…

Allah bless your sacred soul.

S. Nabil, Cyprus, May 7th 2014