Now or not (Part 4)

Your life happens always now. If you cannot find peace now, there is no peace. It is now or not. This is what exist, and what is not, does not exists.

All your trouble are about what is not. What has not happened is what troubles you the most. Will I be alone, will I have success, wil I be sick? All what is not creates fear. So the healing is to be and to allow yourself to be now.

And you will understand that the now is eternal, it has all the future and the past in itself.

The one who allows himself to be in the now, will have by default a golden future.

Because the now is expanding.

The universe expands every single moment, and it happens now. So the one who is now realizes this expansion, he will feel the expansion more and more.

He will have the feeling that he is living in infinity, that everything is in his hands, everything is available, he can experience, there is nothing to wait for.

This is the importance. Not to continue to project your life further and further, it’s useless. It will never move like that.

All you can say honestly, is if you are in love now or not.

There is no other thing to say. But the possibility that if you are in love now, you will be in love also the next moment is very high.

Because nothing is stable as the now. The now itself is absolutely secure, stable. If you are in the now, you can be reached. If you hang all the time in the past or in the future no one can contact you.

No one can have a relationship with you, its only in the head. So you project all the time your relationship in the head, and what is happening in reality you don’t get it any more.

You missed your fantasies but the reality is much more than your fantasies, that is what you have to understand.

The now means to let go everything else that reaches to the future. If you come to that intention you are free.

So to become a servant of the Divine the first requirement is: are you ready to sacrifice your future?

That is the position, and the ego has only the future nothing else, it lives permanently in the future, it cannot live strongly in the present. There is no place there.

That’s why it is so difficult and at the same time so easy.

Stop all the future thinking and rest here. Understand that here everything is given.

And you will find the love of God coming to you, you will find the connection to whatever you desire.

The more you can be here, the more you will be in connection.

That’s the only thing you have to answer: am I ready for the now?

Nothing else.


Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann, SUFI INTENSIVE, 22 September 2018, Amelia, Italy
Youtube: Burhanuddin Herrmann Channel, Ep. 66