Now or not (Part 3)

You dispower yourself if you look always to the future.

And that is the message from all the parents to their children. There is not a parent saying you are happy now. The parents deliver the list, if you do this and that you will have the pension and so on, as they did it themselves and they are not happy.

With all what we have established, we have been part of the long long game of destruction, wars. And now look who is left and they are never been the origin of a war: they are the people that lives in a tribe. They are happy with nature and they are up.

They have recently discovered a new tribe in the Amazon. The politics now in Brazil is that they respect the wish of them not to be in contact, so no scientist can visit and study them, so they leave the things as they are. They observe then with a drone, just to protect them. And you see that they were totally conscious of being watched by the drone. Just seeing as they were walking, you understand that they are completely in peace and present, it is really touching. One comes out of the mud house, look at the sky and start walking and you see that he has understood the whole game.

This is what the Prophet showed to the sahaba, he asked them if they would have wanted to have all this technology, and he showed it to them, but they said no; that’s why that time is described as the golden age. They were not wanting to conquer, but they were happy with the simplest life. That is the all secret.

The one who wants to dominate the future throws himself into violence, all politics is nothing else but about dominating the future.

They promise you, but it goes down and down every single day, more and more toward the chaos, becoming complex in a crazy way. Like if you move the spider net in one corner, all move. We connect virtually everything to everything , and we opened the complete mental house. That’s why you have a strong desire to control the future, but it is exactly what is going to destroy your life.

Sheikh Burhanuddin Herrmann, SUFI INTENSIVE, 22 September 2018, Amelia, Italy
Youtube: Burhanuddin Herrmann Channel, Ep. 65