Once you recognize your master, you make an agreement with him. You take his hand so he can guide you.

The Shaykh will accompany you through the traditional Sufi techniques which he experienced himself and have been proved effective through the centuries by a long chain of prophets, saints, masters and friends of God. He will combine them with the latest psychology achievements, together with music, singing, to facilitate the awakening.

The dervish is the son of his time. He has to speak the modern language to reach the modern man. Only like this the Way is alive.

 You can read books over books about kissing. But if you never kissed you cannot know what it really is. Only the one who has kissed knows more. Only a direct experience is what gives you the insight much more then thinking or studying. And the experience is unique for each one.

The Shaykh is the one who guides you through experiences.

The Way, at the end and at the beginning as well, is always and only a Love affair. First you fall in love with the master, then with your real self, finally with the Divine. From one act of Love we come, and to the Source of Love we return.