The 11 Principles of the Naqshbandi Order (5)

basmalah piccola


5) The essential remembrance ( “Yad kard“)

The meaning of Yad is dhikr, remembrance. Kard  is the essence of dhikr. It means focusing on the divine presence. It’s not you doing the act of remembering, it is the Presence in you that emerges, when you put yourself aside.

The most used Dhikr by all Sufi orders is La ilaha illa Allah. It means: there are no gods but God, there is no source but one Source.

You look inside and you deny yourself. You pour into the ocean of the divine illa Allah all the deities you worship: your fears, desires, opinions, concerns. And you say that the only existence is God.

Anyone can get to the denial, La ilaha, ‘there are no gods’, but to the state of illa Allah ‘except God’, you get there only by divine mercy.

Some masters can receive the divine orders because they no longer have a personal story. We call them ‘saints’.

We have two forms of dhikr: one is connected with the tongue and the other with the heart. In the second type you press the tongue to touch the palate as the yogis do in some pranayama practices. This prevents you from using the tongue and allows you to feel the heart beat more easily. One energetic circuit is closed like this.