The first place

basmalah piccola

Taken from a long interview published on FENIX magazine, n.96, 2016:

Mikaela Zanzi: An inner way that brings man closer to the Divine. This means looking at yourself and the world from another perspective. Which?

Sheikh Burhanuddin.:«In life it is important to find a hierarchy. God is in first place, He is the Source. And if that Source is not in the first place in your life, you will move in a circle, and this will create many difficulties. So the perspective is to understand what is One and what is zero. You must be zero, and give to God the One, then you have everything! The way of the Sufi is a radical way of being. It’s a lifestyle, a profound journey that must penetrate every aspect visible and invisible of your own existence. The key tool is the Truth. Try to follow it even if it is against your ego. In this way you will never be misled. This is the way. When you look inside yourself and close your eyes, the first thing you see is the darkness, you see nothing. Only when you start to bring the Light within, through the torch of Truth, with the intention that you really want to look inside, you will begin to see: first you feel your emotions, and one day you will see yourself in another way.”