basmalah piccola

Sohbet is to wake up people, and also to make people closer and this is the most important thing.
Wilderness is the opposite: a cat has no closeness with another cat.

Familiarity is for human people, they meet, they talk, and love. Animal has wilderness.
The people nowadays has animal wilderness. Nobody likes love and respect anybody, they have wilderness.

Everyone has a birth right to be respected.

People today deny respect and familiarity.

Every husband and wife, brother and sister have no familiarity.

Even the members of the same family they have lost familiarity.

With wilderness man treat woman badly, clildren ammong themselves are also wild.

Sohbet makes people closer to each other, to respect each other.

The whole world is trying to survive from this ocean of pain. They struggle then despair. They don’t accept the helping hand and they sink.

They can’t save themselves, alone the Creator may save them.

There is a strong rope that Allah is sending.

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