The teaching of the dove

piccolabasmalahMaulana the teaching of the dove

“There is nothing existing on Earth or in the Heavens that is not glorifying Allah.” (17:44).

To glorify is to remember Allah.

When you glorify Him, He grants you glory. The one who glorifies is dressed with glory.
Because Allah is the Greatest Creator. Everything glorifies Allah. Without glorifying Him they cannot live. They would not exist in the Universe. And this confirms the existence of mankind on Earth with the blessings of Zikr-Allah.

“Fadhkuruni … fadhkuruni adhkurkum, wa ashkuru li wala takfuruni”. (2:152)

Allah orders His servants and makes them responsible for the remembrance of Allah (Zikr-Allah). “Therefore remember Me. I Will remember you. And be thankful to Me and do not disbelieve in Me”. (2:152)

What does the dove (kumru) say when it is calling? What does it say? “Remember your Lord… Remember your Lord….”. 
”Fadhkuruni adhkurukum……Fadhkuruni adhkurukum….”

Everyone loves doves. And people feel familiarity and love for the sound of that bird. They have a spiritual voice. And therefore Allah protected them, the knife is lifted from that bird – it is forbidden to kill them or to eat them.

Kumru says, “Remember your Lord! Remember your Lord!”

”Fadhkuruni adhkurukum! Fadhkuruni adhkurukum” (2:152).

Don’t you understand what the dove says? And they fly to the mosques or old houses or houses where the name of Allah is remembered. It says,
“Remember your Lord!
 Remember your Lord!”

Invite the doves and keep them and host them in your houses, because they remind you of the remembranceof your Lord. Their sounds mean only this, 
“Remember your Lord!

“Therefore remember Me, I Will remember you.” (2:152).With My Mercy and My Generosity.

The dove teaches the children of Adam (a.s.) that you have to remember your Lord and glorify Him.

Learn from the doves, the speakers from the Lord of Heavens, “And remember your Lord!
 And remember your Lord!”
 “Fadhkuruni adhkurukum! Fadhkuruni adhkurukum!”

Welcome in doves, O Kings and rich people and poor ones. Keep doves and learn your lesson from that bird.