What is the free will?

It is not easy to explain free will. Let’s say that it is like sitting in the train having the choice to enjoy the journey or to suffer. We can travel forgetting our destination or instead take care of the people sitting in our compartment, to quarrel a little with everyone and complain about the condition of the train. It will be a horrible way like this, that will make us tired and insecure, unable to understand what is happening. Or we can stop creating problems and enjoy the journey, choosing to just sit quietly and admire the view. Then we realize that we are going through a beautiful landscape and the train is taking us to a wonderful destination.

Where does the train bring us, it is not in our hands. We can not change the destination of the train, we can only change the way we behave inside the train.

Life in itself is not a prison. It is our interpretation of life to make it so.

According to our distorted vision we decide the direction for our lives. This is what we call free will. But maybe some have already begun to realize that we not always able to choose what is good for the soul. The ego wins, and in the end you often find yourself in situations that are not exactly bright. In the moment we express our will, that thanks to the free will no one can stop, at the same time we express our separation from the divine will. This is the paradox.

It takes a great capacity for introspection to go against your own will and to follow the higher will. However we decide to act, we bring the consequences of our will entirely on us. We are not in a position to accuse God of anything. The king serves his people without limits. If we would decide collectively to kill this planet, He would not send a flash to pierce the sky to prevent us from doing so. No one can stop the will. The love of God is such as to leave us to do the full experience of the consequences of our own free will.

This is true love. The parents try to prevent their children suffering nasty experiences, but Allah no, He loves us so unconditionally to let us reach to the extreme point of destroying ourselves with our own hands.

We find the true meaning of free will when, instead of endlessly chasing the desires of our lower self, we become aware, we see the needs of our higher self, and choose something different: this is also our free will. Only when we start to practice, to pray, to praise we begin to regain the perception of what is beneficial for our soul and what is not.

So what is the ultimate meaning of free will? It is the will of God. Our will is the will of God, because nothing can happen without His will.

The divine spark that is within each of us, makes that God’s will manifests.
No one can go against the will of another, because no one of us can confirm or prevent  the divine will from happening.
Through the holy books God offers us advice on what to do and what not to do; but in the end there is no force in the journey: it means that we are the only ones to choose. And this is the problem.

If we follow our own will, we also follow our doubts, our ups and downs.