Hodja Mullah Nasruddin: the red donkey

piccolabasmalahnasreddin-hoca-donkeyOnce Mullah Nasruddin was shopping in a village. He left his donkey on the street and went into a shop to purchase something. When he came out he was furious. Someone has painted his donkey completely red, bright red. So he was furious and he inquired, “Who has done this? I will kill that man!”

A small boy was standing there. He said, “One man has done this, and that man just has gone inside the pub.” So Nasruddin went there, rushed there, angry, mad. He said, “Who has done this? Who the hell has painted my donkey?”

A very big man, very strong, stood and he said, “I did. What about it?”
So Nasruddin said, “Thank you, sir. You have done such a beautiful job. I just came to tell you that the first coat is dry.”