How to reach truth?


If you listen with the ear of the heart, if you look with the eye of heart, if you speak with the tongue of the heart, you will find out that there is not a second voice, another option. You will never be uncertain what to choose, you will be like an arrow towards the truth.

The truth is that which has no opposite. It is said that on one of the swords of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) it is written: “Go for the truth, even if it is against you”.

The truth sets us free, you do not need anything else. When you place over it the Divine Names, the truth becomes visible in your life and will connect you to the divine principle which is the source of truth.

It is not always easy to follow the truth, because it brings consequences. One of these is that you becomes simple.
The complicated situations can not be true.

When you are true in your heart, God protects you, His power is with you and you can defeat armies. Only one lion can take hold of hundred men.
We need lions, not to attack anyone, but to protect the truth. To stand up and to roar you must have the truth within yourself.

Everyone claims to seek peace and love, but they cannot find it. Why? The reason is that they want to skip the crucial step: the truth.

The truth is granted to everyone, believers or non-believers. Everyone can tell the truth, but not everyone can be in love or be in peace. For this reason, the truth comes before love.

The truth can not be taught, it is already within us. There are no masters of truth.
Love instead has to be learned, this is why there are masters of love.

We can hear the truth from a thousand different persons but it will not touch us nor transform ourselves unless we practice it ourselves in a radical way: only then it will become our truth.
It is not enough to watch a dancer dancing to become a dancer.

We must learn to hear the truth from a true person and then try to experience it.
We can not be satisfied with a borrowed knowledge.
As Rumi says, “Do not be the hunter’s dog that barks and never takes part in the prey. Be the falcon hunting alone and take possession of whole prey”.

If we look for the truth and we practice it, everything will fall into place in our lives, we will meet the right persons at the right time. A magic divine circle will open.