Sufi story: The hundredth head

There was once a man who had come to kill without remorse ninety-nine people. But one day he suddenly felt something in heart, a touch, and decided to put an end to the unhealthy spiral.
He went to the neighbor and asked him, “Tell me, you who know my story, is there any possibility that God grant me your forgiveness?”.
“No, it is impossible, ninety-nine victims are too many, there cannot be forgiveness for someone like you“, said the neighbor.
“Well, if it is as you say, then one more will not make any difference”. Saying like this he killed him.

The man had arrived then a hundred victims, and his heart continued not to find peace. This time he decided to go to consult the sage of the nearby village, which questioned answered: “Sure, you can be forgiven, but you have to seek the company of people who follow the way of goodness.”

The man listening those words enlightened up, thanked the wise and immediately began traveling in search of his new companions. Along the road, however, he was caught by death.

At that moment a group of angels descended from Heaven claiming his soul to bring it to Hell. But after a while there came another group of angels ready to take it by saying, “No no, this soul is for us, the man has repented before he died, we must take him to Heaven!

The angels began to discuss it without being able to find a solution. Eventually they decided to bring the soul into God’s presence, to hear his verdict. The Almighty then declared: Measure the distance between the position that the man left on Earth, and what he wants to achieve; if it is closer to the area of goodness take it Heaven, if it is closer to the place of evil, throw into Hell.”

The angels followed the order and the man turned out to be closer Hell. They were then about to take him there, when God moved from the position in which he was, bringing it closer to Heaven and then
said: “Welcome then to My Paradise!